The Cat Ate My Gymsuit

Beg. Chp 4   Mid. Chp 7   End Chp 17    Including....

conflict, antagonist, protagonist, climax, outcome

 The conflict in this story is all about Ms.Finney getting fired.  She brought joy into her students lives, and Mr.Stone, the antagonist, did not care one bit.  Mr.Stone fires Ms.Finney because she is an unpatriotic, untraditional, creative teacher.  He believes that children should be taught out of a book, and that fun is unprofesinal.  The protagonist, Marcy Lewis, steps out of her comfort zone with the help of her few friends, and fights for her back.  Marcy feels that Ms.Finney is worth fighting for because of her free personality and acceptance to all shapes, sizes, colors and races of students.  Though Marcy struggles due to her father's strict rules, she is able to get her point across to the PTA well enough for them to hold a hearing.  At the hearing, Marcy and her friends can give kind speeches about Ms.Finney, hoping she will be rehired.  The climax in this story  takes place on the night of the hearing.  Anything can go wrong.  Leaving them with sorrow, and a new english teacher.  However, just as they expected, Ms.Finney will not be returning.  Though the story ends with an upsetting  outcome,  they are suprised as Ms.Finney herself, desides to resign due to the fact that if she returns to school, she knows there will be someone watching her every move.